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If scientists discover that immunity to the coronavirus starts to wane months or years after vaccination, a booster shot could be deployed. LA Times
VOA VIEW: So, was taking the vaccine a joke?
The Teamsters, one of America's largest unions, votes to help organize Amazon warehouse and delivery workers, the first such nationwide effort. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Is the Teamsters union worse than Amazon?
Not so fast, says Nancy Pelosi. The Speaker of the House said the House of Representatives would not take the Senate's bipartisan infrastructure deal without them passing a reconciliation bill.  New York Post
VOA VIEW: Pelosi is trying to stop a compromise infrastructure deal.


The organizers of a canceled Philadelphia food truck event apologized for "causing harm to the Jewish community."  New York Post
VOA VIEW: Stupide foolish action.
Hartin said that her friend Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott urged her to get a firearms license after she told him that she'd nearly been raped. New York Post
While party leaders have long worried about the discriminatory effects of such laws, many now see other restrictive voting measures pushed by Republicans as a more urgent threat. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Dems can't find a reasonable reason to object to voter ID laws.
Several countries are allowing mix-and-match inoculation, which scientists hope will have benefits, and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany is among those to get it. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Confusion!
Travelers will have to upload their vaccination card to Hawaii's Safe Travels website and bring a hard copy.       USA Today
Congress's attempt at a racial-justice overhaul of policing in America was stuck in limbo Thursday lawmakers failed to strike a bipartisan agreement before senators left Washington for a two-week Independence Day holiday. The key players in the talks — Republican Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina, Democratic Sen. Cory Booker ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: The feds have no authority to direct local and state police.


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ripped the bipartisan group of senators who reached an infrastructure deal Wednesday, saying their lack of diversity "perfectly" conveys the need for more "inclusive" lawmaking. The New York Democrat retweeted an image of the bipartisan group of senators who negotiated an infrastructure deal with the White House Wednesday, ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: AOC is an idiot.
The Army said Thursday it will not reprimand a decorated chaplain for comments he posted on Facebook questioning Biden administration proposals to change the military’s policy on transgender troops. The Army “agreed not to issue a formal reprimand against Maj. [Andrew] Calvert. The decision clears the way for Chaplain Calvert’s ... Washington Times
Five months after leaving office, former Secretary of State — and potential 2024 GOP presidential hopeful — Mike Pompeo Thursday asked hundreds of Christian broadcasters to pray that he is in "the right place for me to be able to listen to the Lord, to surrender myself ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Pompeo will not run against Trump.
Promises to build a wall. Descriptions of American homes “invaded” by immigrants and a trail of “carnage." Plans to arrest border crossers and haul them to jail. It's not Donald Trump in 2016. It's Texas Gov. Greg Abbott 2021. The ambitious Republican is first among a ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: A needed and smart move.

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A judge on Thursday postponed until July 9 the sentencing of Michael Avenatti for the once high-profile lawyer's conviction in an extortion case involving sportswear giant Nike. Over the objection of prosecutors, U.S. District Judge Paul G. Gardephe said that the sentencing that was scheduled for ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Avenatti should rot in jail.
Virginia Republicans attacked Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe as dishonest Thursday, unveiling a digital ad saying that, if he will repeat debunked claims that he inherited a budget deficit as governor, then he will deceive again as he campaigns for his old job. Dubbed “Big Things, Little Things,” the statewide ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: McAuliffe should lose big.
Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said Thursday that he would balance public safety with fair policing and take Republican nominee Curtis Sliwa “to task” if his lead in New York's Democratic mayoral primary holds. Mr. Adams is out in front, but New York's new ranked-choice system must still play out. ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Only a Republican can bring back NYC's greatness.


The Biden administration is ramping up efforts to encourage Americans to get vaccinated against COVID-19, with the president and the first lady making separate public appearances at vaccine sites Thursday. The aggressive vaccine push comes just days after the administration acknowledged that it will miss two key vaccination goals and ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Biden is the president, but knows nothing.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Thursday the House will create a select committee to investigate the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. ABC
VOA VIEW: A bias left leaning committee.
A Massachusetts town has approved creating a fund to pay reparations to Black residents ABC
VOA VIEW: A foolish idea.
India Walton, 38, defeated a four-term incumbent in Tuesday's Democratic mayoral primary in Buffalo, New York. Is she part of a movement, or just a blip? ABC
VOA VIEW: Sad for the city, state and country.
China unveiled ambitious plans to send humans to Mars and build a base on the red planet at a space exploration conference this week. ABC
VOA VIEW: China is trying to stake claim on parts of Mars.

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The Biden administration says it's barring from the U.S. market Chinese-made materials that are used in solar panels ABC
VOA VIEW: Good, if it comes to fruition.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has approved a 30-day extension to the eviction moratorium, prohibiting the eviction of renter unable to make payments. ABC
VOA VIEW: The CDC has no authority to take this extreme measure.
A group of bipartisan senators and President Biden said Thursday they had reached a $1.2 trillion framework infrastructure deal, ABC
VOA VIEW: Seeing is believing.

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At least one person is confirmed dead after much of a multi-story condominium building collapsed into a huge pile of rubble in Surfside, near Miami Beach, authorities said. CBS
A New York appeals court said there is "uncontroverted evidence" he made false statements about the election. CBS
VOA VIEW: Wild - without a trial.
A Florida judge is the latest to block funding designed to help Black farmers pay off their longstanding USDA loans. CBS
VOA VIEW: As it should be.
A growing number of states are introducing legislation to limit how public school teachers can teach about issues of race and sexism in the classroom. So far 25 states have taken steps to limit discussions on racism and sexism, or introduced bills recently to restrict teaching on critical race theory. Jericka Duncan spoke to a teacher in Tennessee about how a new law there could impact how she teaches, and she spoke to a Republican lawmaker who co-sponsored the bill. CBS
VOA VIEW: A true fact.
Some wealthy individuals amassed hundreds of millions — or even billions — of dollars in tax-sheltered Roth individual retirement accounts, a new report finds. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Be careful.
The increased investment in cybersecurity follows a steady drumbeat of ransomware attacks that have directly impacted Americans and hampered services. CNBC
CNN's SE Cupp says the GOP and right-wing media are using critical race theory as a "boogeyman" to stir up voters. CNN
VOA VIEW: CRT is a real tragedy.
The San Diego County District Attorney's Office is warning residents about fatal fentanyl overdoses in the Southern California city. FOX News
VOA VIEW: Liberal areas are more subjected to illegal drugs.
President Joe Biden announced Thursday afternoon that he reached an agreement with a bipartisan group of senators on a deal to pass a major infrastructure package in Congress. UPI
VOA VIEW: Wait and see.
The Commerce Department said in an update Thursday that the overall U.S. economy grew by more than 6% between January and April -- the second-best mark of the COVID-19 era, and unchanged from the first two estimates. UPI
VOA VIEW: If true, nothing done by Biden efforts.

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June 25, 2021

      A run-of-the-mill Senate Judiciary Committee hearing became bad-tempered Wednesday, with Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) accusing Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) of “mansplaining” after he referenced her in a question to a nominee about the doctrine of judicial originalism. During the hearing to consider U.S. District Judge Gustavo Gelpi’s nomination to the First Circuit Court of Appeals, Cruz told the nominee that Hirono had stated “that you refused to commit to originalism because originalism would prevent [case] outcomes that she supports … she doesn’t want judges who will follow the original understanding of the Constitution.”

     “Is it right that you don’t intend to follow the original understanding of the Constitution?” asked Cruz.
“Senator, as I mentioned to an earlier question, I will apply originalism. That is one of the factors, or theWhen Cruz attempted to ask a follow-up question, he was cut off from the chair by Sen. Jon Ossoff (D-Ga.), who told Cruz his time had expired and recognized Sen. Alex Padilla (D-Calif.) tests, that the Supreme Court has laid out for judges to follow and I cannot ignore it. I have to follow originalism in the cases where it is appropriate,” answered Gelpi.

     When Cruz attempted to ask a follow-up question, he was cut off from the chair by Sen. Jon Ossoff (D-Ga.), who told Cruz his time had expired and recognized Sen. Alex Padilla (D-Calif.)
Hirono and Gelpi are two idiots - the country has no real democracy.  The American people have to wake up and change.